Where Do We Go From Here?
- Ascend Academy 2.1 Announcement -

Ascenders, as we evolve, our collective must evolve too. There is no other way.

And being of the collective consciousness of the Ascend Academy, we know that in order to continue to serve you, the Academy must evolve too. Which means continuing to provide us with new ways to connect, build the type of relationships that matter – ways for us to come together, to ascend together. And that’s exactly what our next chapter is going to be about, as we step into the first major upgrade to the platform since the launch of the Ascend Academy 2.0 at the beginning of 2022. 

This is Ascend Academy 2.1

Watch the Official Live Announcement We Shared With Our Inner Circle Members

Our New Hang-Out Spot: Discord 

Starting with a new hang-out spot: Discord.

If Telegram and Zoom had babies, and all of those babies were running around inviting us to play more; we’d get Discord. The Discord platform is more than just a group chat, what Telegram has been for us – it’s a space that can host multiple different rooms serving different purposes in one,  it’s a hang-out spot.

Imagine having a designated community space that you could know that if you ever went to, you’d have friends to see. This is what Discord will be. 

In the Ascend Academy Discord Community we have a live audio & video chatroom space, that you’ll be able to hang-out in real time with other Ascenders in. Which means more fun and expansive conversations, and perhaps spontaneously.

>> Head on over to this link here to join us in our new Ascend Academy Discord community. Note: Discord can be accessed on both your phone and desktop, and the audio/video channel works especially well on computer, so be sure to download it on both devices.)

An Opportunity to Share Your Gifts: Member-Hosted Events

The Ascend Academy is a co-creation. We could not be growing into what we’ve been becoming, if it weren’t for the contributions and support from the Ascenders who bring to us their energy and their gifts.

And while it’s been great to have you share in discussions at our masterclasses, we know that you have so much more to give.

And this is why we are proudly giving you the opportunity to step into your leadership and share your gifts through hosting your own events in the Academy.

This new feature will allow for Activated Members to create/host their own events, and have it promoted in the Academy platform to our entire community. Meaning, your events won’t only be available to other Activated Members, but all of our basic members and anyone who lands upon the platform.

Have an idea for a discussion you would like to have? Host a themed circle. Have a topic that you are really passionate about that you’d like to share with others? Host your own workshop. Want to lead a guided meditation during an significant energetic time? You can do that too.

The sky’s the limit with member-hosted events. And are confident that this will be serving to create more opportunities for us to connect and meet other Ascenders, and you the opportunity to serve in the ways that you feel called too. 

You Said You Want More?: More Frequent Sessions x 6-Week Cycle

“I want more!” Rha, one of our long-term members, exclaimed as we were wrapping up one ouf latest classes. So while our sessions may not be able to last forver, we did think of another way to give you more.

Moving forward, we’re going to have a go at bumping up the amount of sessions we’ll be having from our bi-weekly masterclasses, to almost weekly ones, and not just guest-taught masterclasses. 

We will be using a 6-week cycle that will outline the flow of the work we do together; starting with an orientation to welcome new members and our intentions for the cycle, including at least 2 of those guest teacher masterclasses that we’ve all grown to love, and now every 6 weeks, a fan favourite and what tends to be one of our biggest events, the Ascenders Convergence, where we open things up to the entire Ascenders community.

Here’s an example of what a 6-week cycle may look like

  • Week 1: Orientation (Welcome New Members + Introduce Allies/Theme)
  • Week 2: Guest Teacher Masterclass
  • Week 3: Session with Bryan
  • Week 4: Guest Teacher Masterclass
  • Week 5: Ascenders Convergence (Open-Event)
  • Week 6: Integration (No Session)

Accountability & Personal Relationships: Ascension Allies

By now, we’ve seen how important it is to be surrounded with the right people, those that that support, uplift, and inspire us. In our experience, there is nothing that is more supportive of our ascension process more than this.

And so we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know other Ascenders more personally, and support each other in greater ways with the power of accountability.

Introducing Ascension Allies. Every few weeks, you’ll be paired up with a new Ascension Ally to act as an accountability partner, who you will be supporting and be supported by. Ascension Allies will begin with connecting for a 1:1 call, and will then be there to hold each other accountable for an intention set.

Through the Discord app you and your Ascension Ally will check-in privately daily, to let each other know how things are going with you intention(s). Check-ins can be as simple as sending each other an emoji/gif, or for those want to go deeper, you can share more about the experience you are having, and the insights coming through for you.

Accountability goes a long way, and so does, having supportive allies and friends.

Step Into A Greater Role, Represent Our Community, & Earn A Bit Of Passive Income: Academy Ambassador Program

We can’t do this alone. The growth of the Ascend Academy is going to take individuals who believe in our vision and the importance of us coming together, doing so in the shared intention of serving Collective Ascension.

If you are among those that have heard this call, and are proud to call yourself an Ascender; we are looking for you. We are looking for Ambassadors.

The Ascend Ambassador program will be recruiting those that wish to proudly represent our brand and support the growth of our community, and be rewarded in return.

Ambassadors will be our representatives who will be spreading the word of the Academy on social media and to their friends and family, and as our way of thanking those who play this role, Ambassadors will be reward a 20% commission on the memberships of anyone that they refers for life.

Which means, at our current pricing; if you refer 10 of your friends to the Academy, you’ll receive 20% x $55/month = $111/month of passive income.

And this is only the beginning to the roles that we’ll be asking our Ambassadors to play – after all, we are going to need some help at our in-person events coming in the near future.

>> Click here to apply to be an Academy Ambassador

Your Turn! Please Share Your Ideas & Stories

Ascenders, that’s it for official upcoming changes to our community. We shared with you some what we are excited for, now it’s your turn.

In our intention of continuing to create new and better ways for us to come together, to ascend together, we are always open to your ideas for doing so. As mentioned at our live announcement, this vision is being inspired through the Ascend Academy Collective Consciousness, which includes from Activated Members that have been there with us from Day 1, to even those who are considering joining us – which most certainly includes you – so if you are being inspired with any ideas that can better support our collective, please write to us at team@togetherweascend.com

And lastly, we to hear about your stories being in the Academy. We love knowing what you’ve enjoyed most and what was really impactful for you, so that we can give you more of it, and having your stories also supports us in sharing them with those are who’s path of ascension may be aligning them with ours. Stories move and inspire, let us hear yours.


Thank you Ascenders, for being here with us in the moment of our Ascension. We are looking forward to where we’ll be going from here.

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ACTIVATED MEMBERS: If you are looking to join the live session, you can find the access link here