Author name: Cathleena Hailley

Cathleena Hailley is an embodiment of the divine feminine who works with the council of 9 collective and in particular with Jesus, Metatron, and other ascended masters. Her coding accesses the womb water of an individual’s birth so that they are brought back to their original soul expression, creating a rebirth to allow full expression of the soul’s imprint. As the lineage of the life Architect her Crystalline DNA signature not only carries the frequency of perfect pitch to align to the original Human templet, Earth templet and this Universes templet, but continually recalibrates this alignment. ​ Having incarnated as an Arcturian, Andromedan, and as a member of the Council of 9 Galactic Collective, Cathleena brings the knowledge of human patterns of existence, along with her extensive knowledge and work with interplanetary and galactic portals. Through this, she accesses human patterning with galactic information, technologies and energies to fully access their original soul’s blueprint. ​ Cathleena has a business degree and has worked with many professionals and medical practitioners in her massage therapy practice for over 28 years, she has experienced layers of human patterning, personalities, and life expressions. Her background in massage, using techniques as Rolfing and Myofascial has allowed her to begin to access more subtle energies connected to the emotional patterning that creates an individual’s life. Through her understanding of sacred geometry, she has channeled a vibrational device from the Arcturian collective. Cathleena now uses all of her business knowledge and experience with sacred geometry to align with her resetting the crystalline DNA.

Living the Law of One To Manifest Your Dreams with Cathleena Hailley 

Be taken on a journey of who you are, how you became to be where you are in your life, and how you can expand into the amazing Creator Being that you were always meant to be. In this Ascend Academy Masterclass, Cathleena Hailley joins us to help us better understand what the Law of One is, how it is experienced in your life, and what any of this has to do with manifesting your dreams.

If you at all feel like you’ve been blocked in creating the reality that you desire, this deeper exploration of consciousness and concepts including the ‘Zero-Point field’, will certainly support you in releasing the energies that don’t serve you, so that you can return to your power as a Creator.

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ACTIVATED MEMBERS: If you are looking to join the live session, you can find the access link here