Author name: Lee

Lee is an inspirational author, creator, speaker, retreat host, breathwork specialist and leader in global health. Lee has worked with clients one on one and with groups all over the world for more than 20 years. He is the co-founder of Connected Community, co-steward of the Unified Alliance, and co-owner of Imiloa Institute. Leveraging a life-long quest for self-discovery and personal growth, he has spent over three decades gathering tools and learning from leaders, shamans, tribes, keepers of the origin, medicines, sciences, the quantum realm, mother Earth and masters of meditation, movement, healing modalities, breathwork, energetics, stillness, and other forms of self-mastery. Lee shares his voice, story, journey, passion and compassion to support others in their journeys - should they ask for assistance - to fully understand and embrace their highest selves - beyond all illusion.

5D Breathwork and Manifestation with Lee Davy

Lee Day, creator of the 5D Breathwork Method, is here to guide us through a naturally DMT-producing and psychedelic experience. In this session, Lee Davy first takes us through an overview of the many benefits that can be had from this practice; from the science behind the physiological health benefits, to the way that it is able to activate in us DMT and access to the Unified Field of Infinite Intelligence. Be prepared for an experience unlike any other as you use the power of the breath to reconnect to your Limitless Self.

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ACTIVATED MEMBERS: If you are looking to join the live session, you can find the access link here