Activating You into Higher Operation: A Conversation and Q&A with the Arcturians and Yolanda Marie

The Arcturians are a higher dimensional collective consciousness that has been assisting humanity through our ascension process – one of the ways they’ve been doing so is through individuals like Yolanda Marie. As a ‘Blue Ray Arcturian Channel, Yolanda has a direct conscious connection with her 9th dimensional Arcturian Council family for the purpose of bringing through and teaching information to help elevate humanity to our next level of consciousness. In this unique Ascend Academy experience, Yolanda joins us to share the information that the Arcturians felt was most relevant for us to receive at this time, and to respond to the questions that were inspired through the groups’ collective consciousness. Know that even if you are arriving at this transmission as a recording, that you’ve been guided here for a reason, and this suggests that receiving this information is relevant to where you currently are in your journey.