Living the Law of One To Manifest Your Dreams with Cathleena Hailley 

Be taken on a journey of who you are, how you became to be where you are in your life, and how you can expand into the amazing Creator Being that you were always meant to be. In this Ascend Academy Masterclass, Cathleena Hailley joins us to help us better understand what the Law of One is, how it is experienced in your life, and what any of this has to do with manifesting your dreams.

If you at all feel like you’ve been blocked in creating the reality that you desire, this deeper exploration of consciousness and concepts including the ‘Zero-Point field’, will certainly support you in releasing the energies that don’t serve you, so that you can return to your power as a Creator.

Creating Your Reality by Attuning to Your Sacred Pleasure with Emily Ghosh

When we become attuned to joy and pleasure in our bodies and hearts, we allow for Divine creative energy to move more freely through us. Attuning to your sacred pleasure connects you to your Divinity and power as a Creator Being. In this Ascend Academy masterclass, Emily Ghosh joins to support us in releasing our limiting beliefs that inhibits our joy, so that you can allow for greater pleasure in your experience, and align with your true creative potential.

Creating Your Reality with Infinite Source Potential with Brooklin Rayne

You are Source. You are Sovereign. You are Free. You are also a Creator Being of Infinite Source Potential. By bringing your focus back and transmuting the limiting beliefs that have held you back, you will progress your process of remembering yourSelf as Source and commanding this potential. In doing so, you too will learn to more powerfully create and ground the timelines you desire for yourself and the collective of humanity. In this Ascend Academy Masterclass, Brooklin Rayne guides us through this process, and then finishes the class with a powerful transmission to help you with Creating Your Reality As the Portal of Infinite Source Potential.

How to Co-Create With The Universe with Alexandra Dumitrescu

Have you been at it trying to ‘manifest’? Perhaps wondering why some of your intended manifestations are yet to come about’? While a lot of what’s being taught about manifestation by different teachers and in different spiritual communities is certainly great, there’s something important that many leave out; we are companions in this process – we are co-creating with the Universe.

When we learn how to work with Universal Intelligence we find ourselves manifesting our desires with greater success and a greater sense of joy, fulfillment, flow, and ease. In this masterclass, Alexandra Dumitrescu, heart whisperer, multidimensional intuitive healer, soul activator, light language channel, and Founder of Heart Essence, is here to support us in this, and in our manifestation process, by teaching us How to Co-Create with the Universe

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ACTIVATED MEMBERS: If you are looking to join the live session, you can find the access link here