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How to Develop Deep Discipline with Bryan M. Henry

‘Discipline.’ What is your association with this word? What about your feeling around the statement, “I have discipline.” Wherever you may be, here’s an invitation to upgrade your association with this virtue, and embodiment of it. In this Ascend Academy masterclass, our Founder, Bryan, goes beyond what it means to have discipline, in order to support you embodying what he calls ‘deep discipline.” What if everything that you knew was in your best interest came naturally to you?

Using Astrology & Numerology to Deepen In Your Purpose & Prosperity with Emily Ghosh

You’re here for a reason, you have a purpose to serve – and in this Ascend Academy masterclass, Emily Ghosh returns to help you deepen in Soul Purpose. We took it to the stars in this one for an exploration of astrology and numerology. In this class, Emily shares with us how these tools can be used to better understand your unique gifts and purpose, and activate prosperity.

How to Balance Your Masculine & Feminine Energies On Your Soul Mission with Alexandra Dumitrescu

There are two energies always at a dance within you – and as with every great dance, it’s harmony that makes for a great show. The Masculine and Feminine energies reside within us all, and the greater the sense of harmony you cultivate between the two, the greater the sense of harmony you will experience within yourself and all of your relationships. This includes your relationship with your Soul Mission. In this masterclass, Alexandra Dumitrescu help us bring awareness to areas where we may be out of alignment with our own unique essence, and provide some practical tools we can use to bring our Masculine and Feminine into greater balance, as to catalyze our ascension process..

Embodying Your True Self with Amanda Pham

It’s come time to fully let go of any notions or patterns of self-sacrifice and remember that when we show up authentically and for ourSelves, we too show up more powerfully in the world. This is what it means to embody your True Self – your true purpose, values, and passions – and the effect that this shall have on both your unique individual experience, and those that get to experience you, cannot be understated. Because when you show up for yourSelf, you too will show up more greatly for the entire world around you.

In this class, embodiment coach, Amanda Pham will guide you through connecting with your core values, your passions, and your gifts; so that you can embody each of these aspects of your True Self, become fit for service, and show up more powerfully in the world..

Activating You into Higher Operation: A Conversation and Q&A with the Arcturians and Yolanda Marie

The Arcturians are a higher dimensional collective consciousness that has been assisting humanity through our ascension process – one of the ways they’ve been doing so is through individuals like Yolanda Marie. As a ‘Blue Ray Arcturian Channel, Yolanda has a direct conscious connection with her 9th dimensional Arcturian Council family for the purpose of bringing through and teaching information to help elevate humanity to our next level of consciousness. In this unique Ascend Academy experience, Yolanda joins us to share the information that the Arcturians felt was most relevant for us to receive at this time, and to respond to the questions that were inspired through the groups’ collective consciousness. Know that even if you are arriving at this transmission as a recording, that you’ve been guided here for a reason, and this suggests that receiving this information is relevant to where you currently are in your journey.

Living the Law of One To Manifest Your Dreams with Cathleena Hailley 

Be taken on a journey of who you are, how you became to be where you are in your life, and how you can expand into the amazing Creator Being that you were always meant to be. In this Ascend Academy Masterclass, Cathleena Hailley joins us to help us better understand what the Law of One is, how it is experienced in your life, and what any of this has to do with manifesting your dreams.

If you at all feel like you’ve been blocked in creating the reality that you desire, this deeper exploration of consciousness and concepts including the ‘Zero-Point field’, will certainly support you in releasing the energies that don’t serve you, so that you can return to your power as a Creator.

How to Channel with Daniel Scranton

Daniel Scranton has been channeling a daily message for almost 10 years now, messages that have been positively impacting humanity. Him, along with others like Ester Hicks (Abraham) and Darryl Anka (Bashar) have been doing so using the ability. With this discipline to his practice and experience, Daniel has become one of the best in the world at teaching others how to channel, And as you’ll hear him say, “anyone can do it, it just takes time and practice”.

As a channel, you may become a conduit for higher energy, awareness, and information. the ways that this can accelerate one’s own ascension process, and how it can be used to serve others in theirs as well, is limitless.

In this masterclass, we have Daniel Scranton, experienced and renowned channeler, join us in the Ascend Academy to teach us How to Channel, so you too can tap into higher frequencies and guidance using this ability.

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