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Have you heard the call to come together, to ascend together?

The Ascenders Convergence is a global lightworker gathering and meditation (hosted on Zoom), that brings together those that have heard the call to serve in Collective Ascension.

July 07th 2022

3:00 PM ET

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The Purpose

We are ascending into Unity Consciousness..

.. and as we do, our planetary collective consciousness rises into greater expressions of harmony, well-being, awareness, and prosperity. Leading this shift into these higher states of consciousness, is what the lightworkers of this planet have come here to do.

It is to this aim that we in the Ascend Academy are coming together for another Ascenders Convergence.

The Intention

What We Have 'Planned'

While every Ascender Convergence always ends up being a unique divinely inspired experience, here's some of what you can expect to take place

Live Activation

We have a special guest spiritual teacher that some of you may know, joining us to deliver a live guided activation.

Meet & Connect with Soul Family

Connecting and surrounding yourself with those that you are in resonance with is essential to your path of ascension. Come find your Soul Tribe.

Group Meditation

The effects that group meditation can have on the collective consciousness, has been well-documented. Let's come together, to ascend together.

Brought to you by

The Ascend Academy & Bryan M. Henry

Bryan first start hosting Ascenders Convergences back in 2018. Each event since has created for its own unique experience, and has made way for a powerful transmission.

Since the launch of the Ascend Academy 2.0 platform earlier this year, our members have come together numerous times for masterclasses taught by our guest teachers. Now, with over a year passed since the last Ascenders Convergence, and for the very first time as part of this new chapter, we open our doors to all, to join us for this Ascend Academy experience


What Our Members Have to Say?

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This journey isn't always easy when you are alone, but when you meet like minded people everything changes. My experience (in the Academy) these past 3 months have been super positive, I just want to

Jill Woodworth
Podcast Host, Lightworker

"I can honesty say that this has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life, and for my mind, body, and soul.

Our Partners

Let's come together, to ascend together

If you’ve heard the call to come together with other lightworkers, to serve our united purpose and assist in collective ascension, we invite you to join us.

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ACTIVATED MEMBERS: If you are looking to join the live session, you can find the access link here