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Feb 16 2022


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



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How to Co-Create With The Universe with Alexandra Dumitrescu

Have you be at it trying to ‘manifest”? Are you wondering why some of your intended manifestations are yet to come about?

The ideas being shared in spiritual communities about how to manifest can certainly be helpful, but often these teachings are incomplete. This is why so many find themselves trying and trying, and left disheartened in their attempts to manifest.

A key element that many teachers are leaving out is that when it comes to are creating our reality, focus, will, visualisation, and affirmations is simply not enough. We must also remember that we are companions in this process, that we are walking hand-in-hand with Universal Intelligence, and co-creating our desires together as one.

This masterclass will assists you in better understanding how the process of co-creation works by sorting out some of the typical misconceptions we may have encountered, and through offering you practical tools and techniques that will enable you to co-create your reality with joy, grace, and ease. Step into a place of empowerment and Oneness, and learn to co-create with the Universe.

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Alexandra Dumitrescu


Alexandra Dumitrescu
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