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Sep 29 2022


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Deepening Your Soul Purpose & Prosperity with Emily Ghosh

This live Masterclass experience is designed for Starseeds, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Healers, Creatives and Heart-Centered Beings who are on a path of service and are looking to deepen in their Soul Purpose, and accelerate their Soul and business’ evolution. 

For this Ascend Academy Masterclass, we are being joined once again by Intuitive Business Mentor and Founder of Soul Media Global, Emily Ghosh. Emily, who brings together a rich combination of both spiritual tools and business principles, will be taking us on an exploration of areas such as astrology & numerology to help you gain insight that will support and accelerate your creative expression and 5D conscious business evolution

This experience is designed to help you bring forth your most creative, fullest expression and to manifest your big dreams. In our journey together, we’ll focus on alchemizing limiting beliefs and resistance which is showing up for you and magnetizing that which is on your heart to bring forward and create. 

We’re all at different points in our journey, and so you will be met where you are at, and be provided with a combination of tools, creative manifestation techniques, opportunities for self reflection and simplified aligned action steps to bring your creative vision to life! 

In This Class You Will Discover..

  • How to use tools such as Astrology & Numerology to support your Soul and Business Evolution
  • How to be become abundant doing what you love
  • The confidence, sense of self-worth & clarity you need to move forward with your dreams, and bring forward the Highest vision of your business and life 
  • A deepened understanding of your unique Soul Purpose, creative gifts, and authentic expression

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Emily Ghosh


Emily Ghosh
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