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Oct 27 2022


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Embodying Unity Consciousness

You’ve come to the understanding that we are One. You’ve seen enough evidence of the truth of our interconnectedness..

But knowing this as an idea is different than embodying it in your Being.

When you inhabit Unity Consciousness, not only do you know that you are connected with others, you feel this connection too. As you look into the world, you peer through the perception of separation and experience a sense of connection with All That Is.

In embodying Unity Consciousness we become a fuller expression of who we really are and this truth.

And it’s for this reason that one of the primary purposes that the work that we do in the Ascend Academy serves, is supporting one another in embodying Unity Consciousness.

On some level, this is always what we’re practicing, but in this upcoming session it will be the focus. First, we will be taken through a guided meditation by one of our members, and then, we will let Divine inspiration guide us, as we collectively and with the support of one another practice embodying Unity Consciousness. From our experience, it can be very helpful to be in a group who all share this intention. Which is another primary value of the Ascend Academy; connection as a catalyst for growth.

The event is finished.


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Bryan Henry


Bryan Henry
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