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May 26 2022


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Reclaim Your Highest Vision with Bryan M. Henry

Reclaim Your Highest Vision is an interactive online workshop/masterclass facilitated by Ascend Academy Founder, Bryan M. Henry, that will be supporting lightworkers with realigning with their Highest Vision.

Your Highest Vision is the vision of yourself and reality that aligns with your greatest sense of joy, excitement, and fulfillment. In the experience of this vision you are being your Highest Self, serving your Highest Purpose, and living out your dreams.

Connecting with one’s vision on a regular basis and consciously reflecting on and refining how we may or may not be living in alignment, is essential to manifesting our highest vision. Sometimes, the swings of our day-to-day life can set us off course, and if we aren’t able to catch it, a lot of time can pass with us unconsciously living out of alignment.

Reclaim Your Highest Vision will guide you through a process of connecting to and redefining your vision for 7 major areas of your life, and will support you in shifting into vibrational alignment with your vision. You will come out of this experience with greater clarity around what you ultimately want from your life, how you are being called to contribute and serve in the upcoming chapter of your purpose, and not what you need to do, but more importantly who you need to be to see this vision through.  You will reclaim your Highest Vision.


In This Class You Will Discover:

  • What your Highest Vision looks like in 7 different major areas of your life, and who you need to be to actualize this visio
  • Clarity around how you are being called to contribute in the upcoming chapter of serving your higher purpose
  • How to shift into vibrational alignment with your Vision so that you can consciously create your reality with a sense of passion, inspiration, and ease
  • [BONUS] you will connect with and hear about the vision of other lightworkers that you’ll be inspired by and may feel called to co-create with

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