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Nov 03 2022


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Embodiment: Self-Awareness Through Movement with Amanda Pham

On the path of ascension, many somewhere along the line begin to look towards ‘somewhere else’ – forgetting why we’ve come into this physical experience. This physical experience is a projection of the Soul, and Ascension doesn’t happen outside of the body, it happens from within.

There’s a boundless depth of intelligence found in the human body, and with awareness of the body and through movement, we are able to connect to our Higher Selves. This allows us the opportunity to get in greater touch with our emotions and deepen our awareness of ourSelves. Through movement we may invoke healing, experience pleasure and ecstasy, and feel alive like never before.

In this upcoming Ascend Academy session, Embodiment Coach, Amanda Pham, joins us once again to guide us through an embodied movement session. Amanda, who’s healing journey entails overcoming an autoimmune condition diagnosis at a very young age,  attributes movement as one of the practices that has helped her to do so. And now, she’s here to show us how through the body we’re able to access our True Selves.

In This Class You Will Discover:

  • How to use movement to heal
  • How to experience joy, pleasure, and ecstasy in the body
  • How to connect to your Higher Self and ascend through the body

The event is finished.


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