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Aug 26 2022


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Where Do We Go From Here? | Ascend Academy Inner Circle Discussion

These past 9 months have been fun, family. Since the launch of the new Ascend Academy at the beginning of the year, we’ve had so many great experiences together. But we can’t go on like this.. 

We can’t go on like this, being the same thing that we’ve been, that is.

“When you stop growing you start dying.” And so, while I love the types of experiences we’ve been able to co-create as a community up until this point, I also know that as you evolve, the Ascend Academy consciousness, and the ways that we serve you must evolve too. Plus, aren’t things always more interesting when we keep it new, innovative, and exciting?

So, for this upcoming Ascend Academy session we’re going to be inviting our inner circle members; Activated Members and those who have expressed a genuine interest in being a part of our tribe and movement. Because, in this close-knit discussion, we’re going to be addressing the question that has been front and center on my heart and mind..

“Where do we go from here?

I’ve said it before, this is a co-creation. And I know I have some ideas for what we can create, together,, and I have a feeling that some of you do too.

So later this week I’d love to share with you some of what you can expect as we move into the last quarter of 2022, our first year together, and I also want to hear from some of you.

I want to know of any ideas or suggestions you may have for the Academy, and what you’d love to see more of.

Whether that be teachers you’d like to see join our faculty and guest teach a masterclass, or ideas that you have for new ways for us to connect, and support each other further – we’d love to hear it at this this open-forum for the Ascend Academy’s ‘inner circle’ as we explore what’s coming up in our future, for how we’ll be coming together, to ascend together.

This Friday we will discover where we’ll go from here.

The event is finished.


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