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    Bryan M.

    Ascenders, here’s our space to discuss our upcoming Creating Your Reality By Attuning To Your Sacred Pleasure masterclass with Emily Ghosh

    Please be sure to take a moment to complete your Preparation Process, and join us here in sharing our responses.

    1. What is your heart calling you to bring forward in this now moment?
    2. Make a list of everything – small or large – that brings you pleasure:
    3. What are some ways that you diminish or deny your own personal power or put off following your bliss?
  • Creating Your Reality By Attuning To Your Sacred Pleasure with Emily Ghosh (Discussion Area)

  • Rafael Jose

    May 10, 2022 at 2:21 am

    Hello there and Thank You for the Creation of this Space Time of Discussion!

    Preparation Process Emily Ghosh

    1- My heart is calling Forth the First World Peace, where we can all be equally United and Free under the Light of the One Infinite and Inteligent Source Creator.

    2- Waking up in the morning.

    Washing my face.

    Looking my face in the mirror and see that even do it’s a hugly face is the only face I have so, it gives me a lot of pleasure to look at my face and love me even do I am hugly Jejeje 😊

    I gives me a lot of pleasure to go into the working place.

    Talk to people in order to learn or share some knowledge.

    Talking with women.

    I love to be in charge.

    Sun gazing.

    Sitting on bench watching how life unfolds.





    Learning more about the human Bodies.

    Sharing a meal.

    Sharing a drink.

    Take a Meditation.

    Reflecting upon several issues.

    Taking some notes.

    Embracing a woman.

    Kissing a woman.

    Make love to a woman.

    Waking up next to that Woman and why not, make love to her in the morning.

    I love to listen to that Woman reading a book of her interest to me.

    I love to listen.

    I love to take a long walk.

    I love to smoke my joint before I go to sleep, while I revise my day.

    I like to create art forms that speak for themselves.

    I love to help the Other.

    I love to serve the Others.

    I love to inspire Others.

    I love myself and I love to make love to myself as well.

    I love breathwork.

    I love to take a little bit of exercise each Day.

    There is a lot more that gives me pleasure.

    3- Some ways that I diminish my power is when I am on a conversation that I know that the person is not understanding me even do the person says it is understanding me.

    When I share something very important and people start to say I am too complex, that I talk too much and that life it is simple then what I say.

    I also diminish my Power when I am closer to a beautiful woman that really makes me feel Hot inside.

    Also my power diminishes when I have people telling lies when I know the truth.

    Also my power diminishes when I present myself in my true natural form without filters Because many people is affraid of my name. It’s just a name who many people associates with something that is not.

    For example my real name is in a short form,

    Rha-Fa-El, YCW MCEO.

    Usually folks think that RA is the same as Rha.

    I took a very long time to find the precise Name in order not to have a relanshionship with that Old RA.

    Which by the way I couldn’t have made it Better.

    The “H” stands for Human, but also, my blood type is Rh_A+ so, better then this is impossible.

    I am Rha the Human who yes, downloaded into earth the 4 Books of the Law of One RA-Material.

    My OverSoul is the Social Memory Complex that got Together on Venus to Create the Ascension Process or SAC(StarGate Activation Cycle), that started on 2012 until January the First 2022.

    So I don’t know why the fuck I am always being attacked by stupid people who are not capable of reading properly and in the case they don’t understand, why don’t they ask instead of belitlling me?

    See my power diminishes and the Fire Starts to Burn fiercely.

    Thank you for the Time reading these words.

    We are the Yellow Crystal Warrior Kin 116, sending much love and light INTO your day today and every day of your long life.


  • Romain

    May 12, 2022 at 11:36 am

    Hey everyone

    Wanted to share some gratitude and say thanks for our time spent together yesterday and for all the insights that I could take from the masterclass!

    Here’s how I will allow myself to feel more pleasure:
    – Take life a bit less seriously

    – connect more with my inner boy

    – having fun while working (pursuing my purpose and passion)

    – seeing pleasure as something human and joyful and fun (not as purely feminine and feeling unmanly about having it)

    – taking more time for self-care

    Until next time, much love ⭐


  • Amanda

    May 12, 2022 at 4:19 pm

    What a beautiful, fun, pleasurable masterclass yesterday! Thank you everyone for being present! 🙏🏼

    Over the course of this week, I will allow myself more pleasure through touch; feeling the grass beneath my feet, feeling the water on my skin, feeling the bodies I will greet through hugs, feeling my bed as I lay to rest, feeling the warmth of the sun kissing my face. I’m excited for this because I’m such a sensual person and to be more aware and conscious of this lights me up 🤭❤️

  • Rafael Jose

    May 13, 2022 at 10:07 am

    Integration Process Emily Ghosh<div>

    Hello beautiful Souls and Thank you for this Space Time of Sharing ☺️🙏

    1- I am committed to integrate more pleasure in my daily lifes by smiling More, treat the People I have to deal each day with even more respect then usual and I will Continue to Serve Others in order to Feel more Peace, More Love, More Unity, More Respect and MORE Freedom in my everyday Action and Reaction.

    2- I am ready to release fully the idea that I am hugly and that I have nothing to Offer to Others.
    I am ready to let go of the Self Limiting Belief that because I don’t have teeth, I don’t have a House, nor a Car, that I don’t care too much about Money makes me elligle to be a guy who as nothing to Offer.
    Also I am ready to let go of what people may say when they are making an association with my name that is not the correct One. I am ready to fully let go of that self limiting Belief that some days makes me feel really sad and that is something I can not allow anymore Because the time as Come to merge my higher self fully with my Earthly Self and Lower Self and sharing with others the dynamics that emerge from that connections and Transmissions. I am also ready to let go of the self limiting Belief that I have to be watch what I say and not eating other people’s time when We are in the Masterclasses, because most people that attend they don’t speak that Much so, why do I need to watch to what I say and not asking the Questions just because the answer maybe too Long?
    Why shouldn’t I share my insides when I see that the beautiful people who attend the gatherings are willing to listen to what I have to say?
    There is not a lot to let Go Thank God, and Thank You Beautiful people who attend the Gatherings for all that you Are. Thank you for being there helping me Ascend into a higher and more coherent way of Life and more pleasure Full Life as Well!

    3- My heart is desiring for more Peace, more support and more sharing of my insides.
    The next step I am already taking it, while I write these lines for others to read. Exposing myself to the members of the Community and much More, in my daily relanshionship with people around me, because on some subjects I diminish my personal power by shutting up in manners like Climate Change or Climate Control or on how Clouds are being seeded in order to prevent us beautiful people to receive these high frequency infusions that derive from the Sun, into our DNA to Restore our DNA Accordingly to Our DNA Original design, which is galactic in nature.
    Also, I will be thinking in that woman, That Feminine touch that gives me so much Pleasure. It’s been 10 years that I refuse entering a relanshionship with a Woman so, refusing pleasure, because of the simple Fact, I don’t like to be Hurt, not to see a relanshionship end up in the worst way possible, which is, that both of us end up not speaking to each other after sharing intimacy for some Time, like if it was a one night stand. It’s true I have been making the best not to be in a relanshionship due to fear. I use to say I fear nothing and say not lies well, as you see I do fear One Thing and I do tell One lie. You have catched me Here so, let’s change it and share with Women the best I have inside without thinking too much on the outcome, I just have to use the law of One and to be True. I am sorry beautiful people to hide something from you and even in the telegram Group Room I said I feared Nothing, when I should have add that, I don’t fear anything related to Spirituality and show more then just the regular Joe side of me. Today I don’t care anymore of what people may think and this way I am taking advantage of the knowing that the Breakout Rooms have given me, face your fears today and move along with it. Even if One, Doesn’t know how to swim can still jump into a place filled with water where you have not a ground beneath your feet to support You and be Free so, here I am freeing myself.
    With this being said and shared I say

    Thank you,

    Thank you,

    Thank you,

    To You All for Helping me and support me Ascending into another Way of Life 💖

    I said I had some questions I didn’t ask in the Gathering so, here they Go ☺️🙏

    1- Did Emily Ghosh went into a Public Speach Course or, was Emily born with a natural gift of Speaking so good and Peaceful?

    2- Does Emily know about the Freedom Teachings and Kathara Bio-Spiritual Artistry and Healing System?

    3- Can Emily take a read out from me and see if there’s anything Bad inside?

    My date of birth and place and hour: 03-02-1982, Alcobaça Portugal at 18h30 or 6h30Pm.
    It’s a nice way to get a proper read out but if you wish I can Add that my Earthly name is Rafael Jose Lopes Ferreira.

    Thank you very much for the Time and much love and light 💓🌟✨☺️🙏