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  • Jill

    March 29, 2022 at 2:24 pm

    1. ‘If’ you could create your reality to be the ultimate reflection of your “dream life” what would that look like? What would it feel like? Sound like? Be like? (dream with no limitations)
    I have gotten strong visuals of being at a woodsy, fairly remote, cabin with myself, and friends and family. We all are arriving from all over the country/world, pulling up in front of the place. We’re jumping out of our cars and running into each other’s arms. All in love, with open communication, heightened energies, all the best, the authentic best of each individual. Retaining the charisma, dropping the baggage, aka history, all the chaff dropped at the door. Keeping the wheat. We’re around a campfire, we’re dancing. Together but each our own interpretive dance. Rocking out like crazy fun or slowly like a waltz…all the loves of my life, all the people I’ve loved and from whom I’ve felt love, all together now in this woodsy paradise.

    2. What (if any) self-limiting beliefs and thoughts do you hold in your energetic field when it comes to creating and living your “dream life”?
    I can get to this vision and hold it frequently but also at times end up remembering the baggage of friends/family, the history of our relationships, and will sometimes get stuck on a detail here or there that can suck me back into some self-limiting beliefs, that this is not possible, reuniting with self, embracing all of me, and with family and friends over timelines, and fall into thinking of the impossibility of it. A very egoic, stifling energy full of fear and 3D mentality.

    3. Who is capable of connecting to the Portal of Infinite Source Potential? Do you have unwavering trust that you are an Infinite Source Creator Being?
    We all are!!! Every single one of us. I do have unwavering trust that I am an infinite source creator being!! I feel it daily. I will say I experience some feelings of fatigue, moments where I forget or even periods of time but KNOW VERY PROFOUNDLY that I am divine and here for a purpose.