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  • Rafael Jose

    March 29, 2022 at 4:02 pm

    Hello there!

    This first question gives a lot to think about, indeed a nice question, that could take a long text to answer with. For now I will say that in order to create my own reality to be the Ultimate reflection of my dream life would something more or less like I am doing today. sorry I am already living in that dream life and I love it. Now How it all started?

    WE can say it started with the Planet Venus and the fact human people call it the planet of Love and that we are here to introduce more and more Love into the World, at least thats my life mission, here on earth and in anywhere in this entire Creation. So with this in mind One day I came across with a project that this particular One as made as its Own project, we are talking about the Venus Project Brought to us By Jaques Fresco and Roxane Meadows. Then We came Across another exciting Project The Rainbow Bridge Project Which the Core essence is, The Rinri Project, which comes from the hands of Lloydine and Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South respectivelly. This was how it all began and yes still the main project or, an Ongoing Investigation. Rinri literally means “Ethical Enlightmment” in this special case the human species who lost there way of knowingness and live disconected from the natural reality, due to the Self Imposition of the System of Domination and Control. It as been a long ride and to provide all details in how to do it, I will end up bothering you with a huge text so the best is, the reader to do some research and then ask questions on how it Looks like and I will say each day is a creation day thats looks like really Good and Peacefull each day despite some other peoples problems, it feels great each day to learn something new just because I am open to new stuff each day. The sounds of it? We need to go on audio or video to know more accuratly about that minucia jejejje, but the music is on each day sometimes slower sometimes more rapid, it depends. itr is Be_ing Like a morph each day and now I even got new teeth so really it can be seen in many ways not just this One and there is non limitation to dreaming I am dreaming BIG each day, you want know more? Ask questions please or the text will be too lloonngg 🙂 The fact is I dont want to bother youwith a long text. If you the readerwants to know more about it just reasearch the above mentioned projects and then you can ask questions and go deeper into the rabbit hole of Love!

    2nd question is easier to answer, I have nothing of self-limiting in my life that doesnt allow me to fullfil my dreams in each and every Present Moment of the Now!

    3th question in my view, the answer should be, that every sentient kind comes from source and thereby is capable of connecting each day to Source, to be Nurtured by this Infinite and Inteligent Source Potential, and I mean All sentient kind, that includes rocks or an Atom.

    Today I dont have unwavering thoughts but I had even do, I was doing the pratices each day, well, each day One is also the subject of lack of trust. I think COVID issue Was a great starting point to quit and let go of those thoughts. Making each day a living meditation where all those thoughts are filtered by the senses, balanced by the meditations and reflections in order to be able to say it feels Good to maintain balance each day awake and yet subjected each day to those unwavering thoughts of me and others.

    Thank you very much for this Space and the timing couldnt be Better, a Fantastic Facilitatorthat also loves to create spaces of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Freedom! Because the may even take our lives but what they can never take is our Freedoms! and I We mean All of Them! The Yellow Crystal Warrior Kin 116 that is I, me and the WE all togethger says this, Go On an Rejoice in the Peace and Love that You are and deliver those Ways of Being whereever they are needed the most!

    Thank you!