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  • Rafael Jose

    April 10, 2022 at 5:18 am


    1- Hello and again thank you for this Space/Time of sharing.

    About Channeling I think a lot of stuff and see more of a lot of stuff.
    Now good mediums in my line of thinking they start to Channel and then with pratice they become Mediums for others intelligences to Speak Thru Them, whether they are Conscious or if sometimes the I am Apex of this Present Moment of Now gets apart into a safe zone where the IAM APEX can listen or not to the other that Delivers the Transmissions.

    For what I sense channeling is the Attunement to higher dimensional language, that’s why many people see Channeling as something look a like Telepathy, or, something that is away from you in a long distance that, with pratice it becomes Direct Cognition without Aid of The Senses, a direct knowing that comes from the practice of being a medium at least for your higher self Expression.

    In my case I only use direct cognition to speak to my higher self and my Universal Collective or OverSoul that like many of you know, I am Rha so, that’s what I am connected to each day and each day is a Transmission Day, or sometimes the messages come in form of people who talk to me, a news on the news paper and so on, like finding a star on my way on a sad Day.
    The star reminds me of my Galactic Guide which the Archetype for this Galactic Guide is the Yellow Star.
    The universe reminding me on a sad day that, there is a guide which I can connect with and speak for how long is necessary for me to understand that, this I am Apex is not just words anymore, it is a presence, in this ever present moment of moments, this is for me the only way you can channel, by living in this ever present moment of moments of NOW!

    I could go on but I guess I better stop because another question is already being answered in this One.
    See this is the power of channeling getting in Tune and without separation!

    2-I believe you need to be on this ever present moment of moments of NOW in order to place yourself in tune, with another high frequency signature match, to Your natural High Frequency Signature Match. If you don’t have a frequency signature match you can’t channel, at least in my View.

    3-Well for me I am more relaxed when I am more relaxed, now what You want to accomplish with this question?
    It is One of the most ambiguous questions I have ever read.
    Now One Think is for sure, I can’t be relaxed when I know something is going On that doesn’t use nor follow the Law of One and the Law of Two.

    In my overall View of Channeling is that is not a good tool to use in a daily basis. You will be able to see people who channel each day different collectives of higher dimensional, I said plural and they are channeling a plurality of entities each day without taking the proper measures and then You see them wearing this strange light chords that gives us a feeling that they are being puppets for the system of domination and Control.
    There are even Masters who tell to people not to Channel, I don’t go that far, people can do whatever they want, this is true.
    Now if You want help because you can’t sleep due to the fact that these chords are depleting you from your vital energy, don’t expect another One To come and take those Chords away, do it yourself because your the one knowing the root cause of the issue.

    Again, Thank you for your time and for creating this Space/Time of Sharing.

    I am the Yellow Crystal Warrior kin 116 and We Love You very Much!

    Thank you,
    Thank you,
    Thank you !