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  • Rafael Jose

    April 22, 2022 at 11:49 am

    Integration Process Daniel Scranton


    Hello and Thank you for this space/time dedicated to Daniel Scranton of discussion and integration.

    1- I believe that developing the ability to channel could help me for example to check out the weather Today, or, it can also help me to find the 3 Original times lines and work on them cleaning distortions and Preventing stupid people to create riples in space time or even, to prevent many people while they attempt to Create A New Time line filled with ilusions like the One who says, that the center of the galaxy of the milky way is a Massive Black Hole.

    There are many examples that I can pose, like for example I channel Rha social memory collective before each Masterclass, in order to create a proper space time for me and others to have a blast with each and 3very Masterclass I attend. The other Ones I can only be in Spirit.

    Maybe next time I am not around you can for example Channel this I am Apex called Rafael Ferreira and see if he can pick up the call, why not?

    As you read, I intend on doing the channeling what you call channeling everyday or else it’s a waste of a day and somehow it seems that if I don’t Channel I feel like something is missing like, me talking to myself for example, because the other me travels a lot and learns a lot of practical and educative practices that aim to a Higher Level in the Human Evolution path. As you see we, me, myself and I, we don’t work only for ourselves, almost all the information that the other me shares is also for the general public.

    2- I honestly don’t have a ritual, I can just be and suddenly I enter or my higher self enters in communication with me.

    Not just my higher Self, many times is Arcturian Councils or just some beings who need to deliver info related to time cycles, that seems to be a speciality of mine, track natural time cycles and hence forth, I can see the potentials within each time line and the Ones who will potentially be manifested.

    I don’t need sage nor any of that things. I can be on the metro, on the bus, at work and so On.

    Once you enter into a practice that is called, my life is a living Meditation or, how to live the mystical life Daily?

    You don’t need nothing more to atune to Higher frequency beings transmission’s.

    It seems easy but it took me 6 years to achieve this body, mind and spiritual state of Being.

    I create a space time to Channel whenever I want, just breath in, shut or put all the noise in the background of your being. When you sense that the noise doesn’t bother you anymore you can open up to receive the Light!

    3- This answer will be very Honest Jajajaja.

    One of the biggest takeaway from this Masterclass is the fact that, the Ones who attended the class had a man or a being that as worked his ass off for about 22 years to deliver to the Ones who attended the class something that is unique to him, and nothing happened not even a request was made to Daniel to see if he could channel something like for example, are we on the path to achieve the First World Peace?

    Or if the Arcturian 9D Council could speak about the Venus Light Cities and Mystery schools and if, the attendees where once all together in those mystery Schools in Vénus?

    Now, my biggest takeaway is to see that funny face of Daniel and feeling that calm and peaceful energy that Daniel emanates and that affected all attendees creating a hipnotic effect on them. That for me was the biggest takeaway.

    Thank you Bryan and Amanda and the Team of Together We Ascend Academy for another beautiful Masterclass with another fantastic Facilitator that I wish will come soon because I need to speak with him and the Arcturian 9D social memory Complex.

    I am the the Yellow Crystal Warrior kin 116 and We Love You Very Much!

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Thank You!