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  • Rafael Jose

    May 10, 2022 at 2:21 am

    Hello there and Thank You for the Creation of this Space Time of Discussion!

    Preparation Process Emily Ghosh

    1- My heart is calling Forth the First World Peace, where we can all be equally United and Free under the Light of the One Infinite and Inteligent Source Creator.

    2- Waking up in the morning.

    Washing my face.

    Looking my face in the mirror and see that even do it’s a hugly face is the only face I have so, it gives me a lot of pleasure to look at my face and love me even do I am hugly Jejeje 😊

    I gives me a lot of pleasure to go into the working place.

    Talk to people in order to learn or share some knowledge.

    Talking with women.

    I love to be in charge.

    Sun gazing.

    Sitting on bench watching how life unfolds.





    Learning more about the human Bodies.

    Sharing a meal.

    Sharing a drink.

    Take a Meditation.

    Reflecting upon several issues.

    Taking some notes.

    Embracing a woman.

    Kissing a woman.

    Make love to a woman.

    Waking up next to that Woman and why not, make love to her in the morning.

    I love to listen to that Woman reading a book of her interest to me.

    I love to listen.

    I love to take a long walk.

    I love to smoke my joint before I go to sleep, while I revise my day.

    I like to create art forms that speak for themselves.

    I love to help the Other.

    I love to serve the Others.

    I love to inspire Others.

    I love myself and I love to make love to myself as well.

    I love breathwork.

    I love to take a little bit of exercise each Day.

    There is a lot more that gives me pleasure.

    3- Some ways that I diminish my power is when I am on a conversation that I know that the person is not understanding me even do the person says it is understanding me.

    When I share something very important and people start to say I am too complex, that I talk too much and that life it is simple then what I say.

    I also diminish my Power when I am closer to a beautiful woman that really makes me feel Hot inside.

    Also my power diminishes when I have people telling lies when I know the truth.

    Also my power diminishes when I present myself in my true natural form without filters Because many people is affraid of my name. It’s just a name who many people associates with something that is not.

    For example my real name is in a short form,

    Rha-Fa-El, YCW MCEO.

    Usually folks think that RA is the same as Rha.

    I took a very long time to find the precise Name in order not to have a relanshionship with that Old RA.

    Which by the way I couldn’t have made it Better.

    The “H” stands for Human, but also, my blood type is Rh_A+ so, better then this is impossible.

    I am Rha the Human who yes, downloaded into earth the 4 Books of the Law of One RA-Material.

    My OverSoul is the Social Memory Complex that got Together on Venus to Create the Ascension Process or SAC(StarGate Activation Cycle), that started on 2012 until January the First 2022.

    So I don’t know why the fuck I am always being attacked by stupid people who are not capable of reading properly and in the case they don’t understand, why don’t they ask instead of belitlling me?

    See my power diminishes and the Fire Starts to Burn fiercely.

    Thank you for the Time reading these words.

    We are the Yellow Crystal Warrior Kin 116, sending much love and light INTO your day today and every day of your long life.