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The Lightworker Activation Series is a 5-day video series that was created to activate in a lightworker their highest purpose and potential.

In it you will discover..

  • .. how to tune into Divine guidance and your inner knowing to find clarity and channel your creative potential into what you do
  • .. how to manifest abundance in your purpose, and why it’s on this path that you’ll reap the greatest rewards
  • how to channel your knowledge/experience into service, and why you are already exactly who you need to be in order to begin giving your gifts and creating impact

And you will activate..

  • The Activated State – in the activated state, you move with a sense of clarity, passion, & flow
  • Your Greatest Gift – there is a gift within you that is waiting to be unlocked, and It’s in discovering and giving this gift that you’ll be propelled into the upcoming chapter of serving your higher purpose
  • Your Highest Timeline – on your highest timeline, you are enduring the grandest sense of fulfillment & abundance available to you

Breakdown of the Modules:

  • DAY 1: REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE & WHY YOU ARE HERE – Begin the journey by discovering the choice you made, and the purpose you serve in the ascension process taking place on our planet
  • DAY 2: SHIFTING YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS & RESOLVING YOUR ENERGETIC BLOCKS – our limiting beliefs are the only thing that can hold you back, you will resolve these blockages as to allow for your higher knowing and potential to shine through.
  • DAY 3: MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE & FULFILLMENT IN YOUR PURPOSE – There is a reality in which a grand sense of fulfillment and abundance is available to you, and it’s found on that path of your purpose. It’s come to tune into this experience.
  • DAY 4: DISCOVERING & DEFINING YOUR GREATEST GIFT – There is a gift within you that is waiting to be unlocked, and it’s your greatest gift. Not only will you begin to discover this gift, but you tp will also begin to define what this is going to look like in the physical.
  • DAY 5: [BONUS] LAUNCHING & GROWING YOUR OWN CONSCIOUS BUSINESS – As a bonus, for the lightworkers who are feeling called to give their gifts through their own conscious business, we will begin to explore the ins & outs of doing so.

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ACTIVATED MEMBERS: If you are looking to join the live session, you can find the access link here