Sponsored Membership Application

We believe that you are an Infinite Being and have to potential to actualize prosperity in your purpose.
Through the Ascend Academy, Together We Ascend is on a mission is to unite Awakening Leaders and support each along the path of their Higher Purpose. What we envision and know is possible for you, is being able to also experience abundance of all forms, including financial, on this path.
We also understand that we’re all at different points in our journey, and that not everyone has yet been able to do so.
If you are currently in circumstances in which you feel deeply resonant and interested in being a member of the Ascend Academy, but do not feel comfortably aligned with payingg for an Activated Membership, we offer you the opportunity to apply for a sponsored one.
If you have heard the call to serve in Collective Ascension, fit this description, and would like to apply for a sponsored membership, please fill out the application before and someone on our team will get back to you soon.