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The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakened Leaders

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Have you awakened? To..

.. the call to step into a Higher Purpose and serve our collective in the ascension process that we are in.

Then we want you to know that..

.. and that this invitation goes out to you..

Your Invitation Into:

The Ascend Academy, an online school and community that is uniting and activating Awakened Leaders.

Awakened Leader (noun): an individual who has awakened to the truth of Oneness, and seeks to serve the highest good of All.

"Adam is so loving. He must be an Awakened Leader"

What Makes Us, Us

Teachers/knowledge that the mainstream might just not be ready for

We don’t put it lightly when we say that we believe we are bringing in some of the most insightful and powerful teachers in the ascension game. These often aren’t the most famous teachers, and for good reason. What is being taught in the Academy speaks to an awareness higher than where most are at on their journey, and thus this tends to be knowledge that the mainstream just hasn’t yet caught up with. Which is precisely why we are bringing it to you, so that you can be the leader, the WayShower, the one that awakens the leader and light found in all others.

A tribe who’s got the right amount of “woo-woo”

Still surrounded by friends and family that think, or look at you strangely when/if you were to talk about that higher-dimensional stuff? Us too. The only difference is, we not only have each other to explore the “woo-woo” with, but we also see and value the importance in grounding this higher awareness into our physical existence, and applying it to better our own and others' lives as human beings.

The true catalyst for your purpose and process

In our experience nothing accelerates one's process like connecting with and being amongst other individuals who one is in resonance with, in the shared intention of growing with and supporting one another. Those that are here, are here for the same reason; we have come together for our united purpose.

When You Activate Your Ascend Academy Membership..

.. you'll begin to meet and learn from some High-Vibe Souls

Live Bi-Weekly Masterclasses

In the Academy, we come together every other week for a new live masterclass taught by guest teacher. Our teachers are here to share their powerful insight and experience, and our community of Awakened Leaders are here to learn alongside and from each other.

... and you'll get access to all we've got.

Masterclass Library

Activated Academy Members get access to our entire masterclass library consisting of all past Ascend Academy Masterclass replays along with over 25+ hrs worth of content from the Together We Ascend Summit. With classes covering topics including holistic wellness, spiritual entrepreneurship, manifestation, and meditaiton; there is bound to be something here to meet you at your interests and where you’re are.

Check Out Our Diverse Faculty Team

Bryan M. Henry

Founder of The Academy

Brooklin Rayne

Quantum Healer & Heart Oracle

Daniel Scranton

Renowned Verbal Chanel

Alexandra Dumitrescu

Multidimensional Intuitive Healer

Amanda Pham

Embodment Coach

Emily Ghosh Harris

Intuitive Business Mentor

Yolanda Marie

Blue Ray Arcturian Channel

Cathleena Hailley

Frequency Alchemist

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TWASummit2022 Attendee Activation

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  • Access to bi-weekly masterclass
  • Access to entire masterclass library
  • Acces to all of the replays from the TWA2022 and TWA2021 Summit
  • Access to Ascend Academy Community
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Frequently Asked Questions

As a unique individuated expression of Source, you have a gift to give that only you can give. Coming into alignment with giving this gift is the means by which you will serve your highest purpose.

As you step into alignment with this path you will fuel the shift our planetary collective consciousness’ ongoing shift to higher planes of consciousness – this is our ascension, and this is your purpose.

Our planetary collective consciousness is ascending into higher expressions of love, unity, harmony, and prosperity. As unique parts of the whole recognize the Oneness of the whole, we make the shift into Unity Consciousness. As we do, each of these parts will begin to naturally live in harmony and alignment with the highest good of All.

Together we are most powerful, together we ascend.

Yes, you are. There is a lightworker and leader within us all.

We all come to this realization at different points in our journey, but your being here suggests that you are ready to embody a new level of your role and your purpose.

Through your action, you will activate a higher expression of this purpose and potential. In this, you too will begin to naturally reside in a higher frequency, and will likely see new gifts come online.

In the activated state you are driven by purpose, grounded in presence, and fueled by passion.

When you activate your ascend academy membership you will have access to all of our past masterclass replays and will automatically receive included admission to all of our the upcoming ones. Events and masterclasses are paid for on a per session basis, otherwise.

This wlll give you the opportunity to see any of the ones that you may have missed and to rewatch any that you really resonated with.

You've Heard the Call To Ascend Together..

..Will You Answer?