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In 2022, the Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakened Leaders.

The Ascend Academy is a community-based platform that invites Awakened Leaders into opportunities for connection, collaboration, and expansion.

Have you heard the call?

There is a shift in consciousness taking place on our planet at this time; more and more people are awakening to the truth of Oneness, and our potential as spiritual Beings. This is our ascension.

This process is asking for each of us to take radical responsibility for being in integrity with this truth, and stepping into service of our Higher Purpose. Are you ready..

... to come together, to ascend together.

If you have, we beckon you to heed this invitation:

Community &

At the core of what we are is our community of awakened leaders who have heard and is answering the call to serve.

Education &

Through learning and education we evolve together.

United Purpose &
Collective Ascension

As we walk along our own unique paths, we come together to bring forth our own individual gifts in service to a united purpose.

The Ascend Academy is...

A School for Spiritual Evolution A Community of Awakening Leaders A Platform for Connection

In Partnership With

UNITE: Live Events & Community

Every month we are joined by guest teachers for live  masterclasses and community events. These sessions range from workshops, group discussions, to breathwork and yoga sessions. The connections that we form and support that we offer each other is the heart of the Academy – as you expand your mind, your body, and your heart, our community and events are here to support you.

ACTIVATE: The Activation Process

Activate Your Higher Purpose in 4-Weeks

ACTIVATE: The Activation Process

Activate Your Higher Purpose in 4-Weeks

The Activation Process is 4-phase process for activating in an awakening leader their Higher Purpose.

With a combination of training content module, audio activations, and reflection worksheets; the activation process guides one through cultivating greater self-awareness and clarity of purpose. Upon completion of the process one will have shifted into their activated state and onto the path of their highest purpose.

ACTIVATE: Masterclass & Course Library

The Academy library is set to steadily grow in the year of 2022 to include more and more resources to support you through your ascension process. With programs covering a wide array of topics including holistic health, spiritual entrepreneurship, and meditation; there’s bound to be something here that will meet you on the path of your inspired interests.

Upcoming Events

Join us as we come together, to ascend together.

February 2022
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Upcoming Events

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Featured Programs

We have a wide-selection of classes and programs that…

Meet Our Guest Teachers

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a unique individuated expression of Source, you have a gift to give that only you can give. Coming into alignment with giving this gift is the means by which you will serve your highest purpose.

As you step into alignment with this path you will fuel the shift our planetary collective consciousness’ ongoing shift to higher planes of consciousness – this is our ascension, and this is your purpose.

Our planetary collective consciousness is ascending into higher expressions of love, unity, harmony, and prosperity. As unique parts of the whole recognize the Oneness of the whole, we make the shift into Unity Consciousness. As we do, each of these parts will begin to naturally live in harmony and alignment with the highest good of All.

Together we are most powerful, together we ascend.

Yes, you are. There is a lightworker and leader within us all.

We all come to this realization at different points in our journey, but your being here suggests that you are ready to embody a new level of your role and your purpose.

Through your action, you will activate a higher expression of this purpose and potential. In this, you too will begin to naturally reside in a higher frequency, and will likely see new gifts come online.

In the activated state you are driven by purpose, grounded in presence, and fueled by passion.

The Activation Process is a program available to all members of the Academy that is designed to activate in a lightworker their higher purpose. The process consist of 4 phases and modules:

  1. Awareness: Remember Your Highest Truth
  2. Shift: Activate Your Highest State
  3. Integrate: Reprogram Your Subconscious & Integrate Your Highest Self
  4. Discover: Unlock Your Greatest Gift

Upon completion of your activation process you will have activated your Higher Purpose and shifted into your activated stated.

When you activate your ascend academy membership you will have access to all of our past masterclass replays and will automatically receive included admission to all of our the upcoming ones. Events and masterclasses are paid for on a per session basis, otherwise.

This wlll give you the opportunity to see any of the ones that you may have missed and to rewatch any that you really resonated with.

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