The Ascend Academy activates lightworkers, and helps them grow a successful soul-aligned business.

If you're ready to step into your higher purpose and assist in the ascension of our collective consciousness, click below to begin your application process.


Your Greatest Gift

Your greatest gifts are waiting to come through you. In the activated state you will have complete clarity around what your soul came here to put into the world, and you will be bringing this though with flow and power.

Your Conscious Business

Gone are the days that businesses are solely profit-driven entities. In the New Earth we seek to create, it is up to us conscious leaders to make the businesses in our world stand for collective prosperity. Your business will bring to us contribution and impact, and to you abundance and fulfillment.

Raise the Vibration &
Co-Create a New Earth

As the vibration lifts, as consciousness rises, as we ascend, we do so together. This is the co-creation of a more unified, loving, and vibrant world, and we're all here waiting for you to shine onto us your light.

Unity is the Answer,

Ascension is Our Purpose

The Activation Process

In the Ascender Activation, you will undergo a 6-week activation process alongside 1-on-1 guidance from Bryan. This program is designed to shift you into alignment with your higher purpose and into an activated state in which you are serving that purpose powerfully. By the end of your activation, you will have gotten off the ground your very own consciouss business.

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Our Mastervibe Sessions

Our Mastervibe Sessions are a coming together of lightworkers into a space of connection, sharing, and collaboration. This gives us the opportunity to learn from each other, grow with one another, and be a center from which we collectively channel and ground higher frequencies into our world.

Because as always, it's together we ascend.

A Deeper Look Into
The Ascender Activation

Phase 1: Awareness

Ch 1. What You Are(n't) 

The more you strip away the layers of what you aren't, the more you will feel into what you are. And what you are is powerful beyond measure. Your activation begins with tuning into this potential.

Ch 2. Innerstand Your Higher Purpose

You will innerstand what your purpose is, which will support you in more effectively serving it. We will explore this more deeply than you likely ever have. As a lightworker, you are a channel for higher dimensional light, it's time to learn to open up. 


Phase 2: Alignment

Ch 3. Shadow Work & Reprogramming

We will shine the light of consciousness on your shadows. With shadow work, we will uncover and explore your limiting paradigms, to then release the low frequency beliefs and emotions that uphold them. In doing so, we will be removing that which blocks the flow of knowing and potential.

Ch 4. Access Your Higher Knowing

Prepare for a face-to-face meeting with your Higher Self. In this connection you will access a deep sense of knowing, and uncover your value lense. Seeing through this lense will immediately shift your perception of your world, and when you percieve it, you create it.

Ch 5. Shift into Your Highest Timeline

In this powerful introspection and practice, you will tune into your highest timeline - the path of your greatest evolution and truest desires. After defining your aligned lifestyle, you will learn how to shift into the vibration of this experience, in the right Here, right Now. Manifestation begins with an internal shift, and leads into..



Phase 3: Manifestation

Ch 6. Discover Your Greatest Gift 

This is where all the internal alignment work begins to show. In a state of alignment, clarity around the gifts you are here to put into the world will flow naturally. You will define who you are here to serve (your avatar) and how you wish to serve them (the transformation and process). This will all lead into discovering your greatest gift, which in giving, you in return will find abundance, freedom, and fulfillment.

Ch 7. Launch Your Conscious Business & Attract Your Tribe

You’ve risen to higher awareness and you’ve shedded the lower frequency programs and energies that have held you back. You’ve channeled a higher knowing and shifted into alignment, bringing you into a state of flow and great potential. You’ve been activated. In the final step of your activation, you will be guided in launching your conscious business in a way that will set you up for growth and success. In you’re activated state, you will begin to attract your tribe, and help them rise.  You are in alignment with your higher purpose.

It's time for us to unite, and for you to step into your light.

If you're ready to step up as a leader and speak your truth in aim of help our collective ascend, we would love to have you join us in the Ascend Academy. Fill out your information below to apply:


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