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Mar 15 2022


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Connecting with Dragon Energy with Kerry K.

There is a new energy on our planet; a new ally for humanity. Though the word ‘new’ isn’t entirely accurate, for these are old companions, and they’ve always been Here. But now, the Dragons have returned.

Returning to us now during this time in our ascension, the Dragons are here to remind us of who we really are. With great wisdom and an interest in supporting our evolution, connecting with Dragon energy can serve us greatly in this process. 

In this Ascend Academy masterclass, Kerry K is here to help us better understand why the Dragons are here again, and how by connecting with their energy we can remember who and just how powerful we are.

In This Class You Will Discover

  • Who the Dragons are and why they are here now
  • What messages and guidance they have for us during these times in our ascension
  • A guided Dragon Energy connection meditation/activation

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Meet Kerry K.

Kerry K has an extraordinary gift, she facilitates interactions with people that catalyze them to remember who they are. Having developed a deep sense of who she is a Galactic Being, she works closely with other Galactic beings who are in higher dimensional form, supporting humanity in this, the shift of the ages. 

Having agreed to incarnate as one who embodies the memory of ascension, Kerry is plugged into multi-dimensional consciousness; this allows her to say what needs to be said to those who need to hear it. Her focus is on showing each person their divinity, how to connect with it and how to speak from its wisdom. Kerry has a knack for simplifying spirituality, for creating inclusion, demystifying ascension and giving all she interacts with, an opportunity to melt away their density and move forward into their ease.


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