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Mar 03 2022


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The InVision Technique: A Method for Aligning With Your Highest Vision with Bryan Henry

As an Awakened Leader you are being inspired with a vision. This is a vision for the New Earth and your unique part to play in its co-creation..

This is the vision of..

  • .. your Higher Self; how you will express yourself and who you will be being in the world..
  • .. your Greatest Gift; the gift that in giving will be of your greatest contribution and in service to your Highest Purpose..
  • .. your Activated Life; the experience in which you will endure the greatest sense of fulfillment, and will actually find prosperity in your purpose..

and it’s through doing the inner work of coming into alignment with this vision, that you will become a clearer channel for Source, your Knowing, and these gifts to come through. You will be supported in doing so with the use of the InVision Technique.

The InVision Technique is a method that infuses meditation, visualization, and reflection that shifts you into alignment with your Highest Vision. As you come into this alignment, you will walk your path with a sense of clarity and direction, and through consistent aligned action you will see this vision manifest.

Over these past few years of seeking to always prioritize my Higher Purpose, as well as manifest what I’ve wanted for ‘me’, I’ve come to one core belief: we never have to sacrifice. Fulfilling our truest desires and serving our highest purpose is of the same path.

On this path we get to experience our own greatness in the expression of our Highest Self, we get to give this world a gift that in giving makes us feel alive, and we get to endure prosperity in our purpose.

I know this because I’ve tuned into this vibration within myself.

But it’s certainly taken some refining. After practicing every other ‘manifestation techniques’ and having meditated consistently for years, and still not seeing the results I would’ve liked for a lot of this time, I feel like I have finally hit my stride. And the results I am now seeing I believe is largely a reflection of my consistent practice of what I’m about to share.

Because, I know from direct personal experience that when I’m applying the practices of this technique, the InVision Technique, I see greater results in my life. I only know this because I’ve been in it and out, and I’ve tried a whole host of combinations of different practices, and this is cumulation of what’s worked for me. And so now, I’m feeling called to share this technique with others, feeling confident that if you apply it like I do, you will also positive results in manifesting your Highest Vision.

Because, its through the consistent and focused use of what I’m about to share with you, the InVision technique that I’ve been able to manifest..

  • .. a passionate, kind, and supportive relationship with my beautiful partner of 11 years (we’re still in the honeymoon phase)
  • .. a business through which I am doing work that doesn’t feel like work and makes me feel alive (I get to work with Awakened Leaders with huge visions on a daily basis)
  • .. a state of holistic health in body, heart and mind,
  • .. a life in which I get to travel, and not fumbling with work-life, working to live or I because I have to, instead when and because I want to (I call it work-life integration)..

I’m living in alignment with my Highest Vision.

And the beautiful thing is, it’s a vision that just keeps expanding.. but I’ll save the part for after I first teach you the InVision Technique.

The event is finished.


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