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Creating Your Reality by Attuning to Your Sacred Pleasure with Emily Ghosh

When we become attuned to joy and pleasure in our bodies and hearts, we allow for Divine creative energy to move more freely through us. Attuning to your sacred pleasure connects you to your Divinity and power as a Creator Being. In this Ascend Academy masterclass, Emily Ghosh joins to support us in releasing our limiting beliefs that inhibits our joy, so that you can allow for greater pleasure in your experience, and align with your true creative potential.

Ascension & Spiritual Evolution

How to Channel with Daniel Scranton

Daniel Scranton has been channeling a daily message for almost 10 years now, messages that have been positively impacting humanity. Him, along with others like Ester Hicks (Abraham) and Darryl Anka (Bashar) have been doing so using the ability. With this discipline to his practice and experience, Daniel has become one of the best in the world at teaching others how to channel, And as you’ll hear him say, “anyone can do it, it just takes time and practice”.

As a channel, you may become a conduit for higher energy, awareness, and information. the ways that this can accelerate one’s own ascension process, and how it can be used to serve others in theirs as well, is limitless.

In this masterclass, we have Daniel Scranton, experienced and renowned channeler, join us in the Ascend Academy to teach us How to Channel, so you too can tap into higher frequencies and guidance using this ability.

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